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AgentOwned Realty Co.?

The company's Shareholder Sales Associates own and participate in the operation of the office.  Therefore, when a seller selects a Shareholder Sales Associate to list his or her property, he is dealing directly with an owner.


The office maintains a high image since only the most professional sales associates are chosen to organize and operate the office.  Associates are continuously monitored by their fellow Shareholders to ensure that they provide an upcompromising level of service to their clients.


The system maximizes team work since the activity and production of one member of the office directly benefits the other members of the office.  When a seller chooses the AgentOwned Realty Co. he hires a team to help sell his house, not just an individual agent.


A professional management team provides the necessary leadership, support and direction to enable the sales force to be the best that they can be.  Such duties as accounting and data entry are relieved from the sales agents to allow them the freedom to do what they do best, list and sell real estate.


The AgentOwned Realty Co. believes that a large scale investment in technology delivers a distinct competitive edge to its sellers when marketing their home.  AgentOwned computer systems are unsurpassed in providing its agents the information they need to sell your home.